Industrial Evolution

The “Industrial Evolution” series of paintings is inspired by the changes in the American Landscape as Kathleen observes them.  Visual references abound from Kathleen’s iron mining home on Lake Superior in Northern Michigan, across the agricultural heartland of the USA as well as Internationally.


She has painted the colors and deep textures of the essence of this evolution.  Often included is a raven: a creature of great adaptability, creativity and survival intelligence.  The raven is figuring its next move in the evolution of industry and survival, as are we.


Kathleen Conover watercolor of contrasts of old and new in historic Vermont barn.
Peace and Technology
Peace Talks
Kathleen Conover's new Industrial Evolution Series painting using Gesso Juice
Changing Demographics
Invention Reflection
Ageless Ingenuity: Industrial Evolution
Change is in the Air
Sold Out!
Waiting: Changing American Landscape
Sunset: Industrial Evolution
Shadows of a Milltown
Cola Fans
Changing American Landscape
Timelines on the Silk Road
Hope in the City
Street Scene
Fine Art Watercolor
Industrial Morph