An abstract painter at heart, Kathleen enjoys nonobjective painting and a strong “abstract understructure” is a dominate theme in all her work, with or without imagery.


“Watercolor has a spirit of its own and is my chosen partner in painting.  Working with pigments, water, various substrates and gravity,  I have created my unique “Frozen Chrystal Series”.  Specifically, in sub-freezing temperatures I am able to capture nature’s motion and energy which becomes the dynamic beginning of these artistic expressions.”  Kathleen


“These recent years of COVID have left me asking questions, reorganizing my priorities and “Searching”.  For me, some of that searching has been for meaning in my artwork.  In the last four decades individual allegorical figures have inspired my paintings and it seemed time to bring these muses, inspirations and “assistants” together in a new “Searching Series”.  They are:  the horse a symbol of journey, the dragonfly a master of transformation, the blackbird a messenger and the Origami cranes my prayers for peace.   These figures will help me navigate my continuing journey with flexibility, strength and hopefully – grace.”    Kathleen

Searching for Zen
Contemplation of Flight
Nocturnal Quest
Finding Direction
Finding Direction
Everybody's Hunting for Something
Everybody’s Hunting for Something
Dragonflies, amazing creatures of ability and endurance
Found Object
Transparent Watercolor by Kathleen Conover.
Points of View
Sold Out!
Charting My Destiny
Crossing Paths
Remarkable colors of sheets of ice encasing autumn leaves in water colors by Kathleen Conover
January Jewels
Winter Dynamic II - Original Painting
Winter Dynamic II
Amethyst Ice
The Dance
Winter Dynamic I