Gallery of Fine Art Watercolor Paintings
and Giclee Reproductions

Master Artist Kathleen Conover exhibits her work, juries exhibitions, gives demonstrations, and teaches in-depth workshops. She has been juried into more than 100 exhibitions, receiving national and international recognition for the vision, innovative techniques, and fearless expression that give rise to her unique designs…

Kathleen Conover Workshops


Learn about color, design, and new techniques in Kathleen Conover’s engaging workshops, offered regionally, nationally and internationally!



Kathleen’s intense observation, personal reflection and openness to subject matter is captured in all her unique series of paintings, and offered for purchase on this website as originals and reproductions. Please browse each artwork gallery including the newest, Hot off the Easel, which reflects her era of “new beginnings”. Enjoy!
Flora and Fauna
Flora and Fauna
Industrial Evolution
Industrial Evolution
Kathleen Conover watercolor of big balloons in the Marquette Harbor Park.
Hot Off The Easel

 Award Winners!


Below are some of Kathleen’s paintings that have received significant awards from competitions all over the world!

Sold Out!
Changing American Landscape
Charting My Destiny
Cola Fans
Hope in the City
Fine Art Watercolor
Industrial Morph
Invention Reflection
Kathleen Conover watercolor abstract expressing the exploration of my dreams following my journey.
Nocturnal Quest
Kathleen Conover abstract watercolor representing my artistic success.
Kathleen Conover abstract watercolor in searching series.
Searching for Zen
Shadows of a Milltown
Street Scene
Sunset: Industrial Evolution
The Dance
Timelines on the Silk Road

My Home Gallery!


All paintings and reproductions are available on line.  A Giclee reproduction is a fine art digital print made using the latest technology to create high quality fine art reproductions on acid free paper, often watercolor paper.  The bigger advantage of Giclee is the accuracy and retention of color.  Currently, the top art printing companies assure us artists of a minimum of 100 years for full color retention whether it is in sunlight or fluorescent fixtures 24/7.  That is a remarkable achievement in our world of reproductions.  The Giclee reproductions offered on my website were printed in limited editions of 25 or 50 and have been sold down to single digits in quantity.  I no longer make reproductions, focusing on original paintings only.



My teaching schedule is up to date and available under “workshops”, where you can register or call for more information.  You might also enjoy reading my “blog” which is released the 15th of each month.   Please stay in touch at:


Creatively yours, Kathleen