Hot Off the Easel!

This gallery will showcase the most current work in my era of New Beginnings. “Newness” is never a straight path forward, but a meandering journey to think differently, see newly, explore non-judgmentally and paint intuitively. Often two steps forward and one step back!  I will share with you new thoughts and abstractions as well as familiar themes that always bring me joy to revisit.


My works are designed and executed to the full edges of watercolor paper so I encourage framing to show that aspect by “floating” your painting on a neutral colored backing of your choice.


Come along with me on my journey and enjoy!

Katheen Conover watercolor and acrylic, red poppies in whimsical pose.
Free Range Poppies
Kathleen Conover watercolor of Lake Superior rough beach scene
Lake Superior Inlet
Kathleen Conover acrylic of deep purple and pink hollyhocks on canvas.
Kathleen Conover acrylic on primed canvas emerald colored shoreline of Lake Superior beach
Emerald Shoreline
Kathleen Conover acrylic of twiggy, lower branches of trees in light filtered woods.
Through the Woods
Kathleen Conover watercolor colorful spring flowers in a vase, breathtaking!
Spring Fling
Kathleen Conover watercolor and acrylic abstract forest in late fall.
Into the Woods
Kathleen Conover transparent watercolor Marquette Lighthouse sits above the water and rocky shoreline.
On the Rocks
Kathleen Conover transparent watercolor of Marquette park showing spring green foliage.
Burning off the Fog
Kathleen Conover transparent watercolor looking through the trees at Marquette lighthouse.
Through the Trees
Kathleen Conover watercolor historic building in Marquette, Michigan
Ridge Street History
Summer Colors
Kathleen Conover watercolor beautiful deep blue and sea greens get churned up when waves roll.
By the Sea
Kathleen Conover watercolor crashing waves against outlying rocks.
Wind Swept
Kathleen Conover transparent watercolor orchids
Tropical Shadows
Just Beginning by Kathleen Conover
Just Beginning
Winding Path
Signs and Symbols