Kathleen Conover Workshops
Regional, National and International

Chaos To Order: This is my signature 

workshop!  4 – 5 Days


Starting a painting with color, texture, gestural marks and layers may seem like “chaos”, but it delivers vital energy that is both fun and intuitive. Great design and composition are the elements that bring “order” to the rich start and turn your painting into an attention-getting and expressive finish. Applying strong design and compositional skills are the focus. Beginner or advanced, you are encouraged to discover and explore your unique expression and personal imagery in realism, abstraction or non-objective. Download a copy of Kathleen’s Chaos to Order Materials List.

En Plein Air: Fastest growing art genre!

3 – 10 Days


Capture the moment! The sights, sounds and atmosphere of locale are a memory to cherish. Photographing and sketching, or developing a full painting in nature and on location, makes this workshop experience timeless. You will benefit from my expertise, insights and techniques for the best of working “En Plein Air”.   Download a copy of Kathleen’s Plein Air Materials List .

Collage and Color: Fun for all! 3 – 5 Days


Strengthen your artist’s eye for color and composition through the creative exploration of mixed media collage. Work “hands on” with experimental techniques and processes to make your own collage papers. Create your unique expression using personal imagery, collage materials, acrylic mediums, design principles, stamp making, printing and special editing techniques.  Download a copy of the Collage Materials List.

Workshop Offerings for 2023

  • Feb. 28-Mar 2, Postponed due to Hurricane Ian – Big Arts, Sanibel Island, FL., “Color, Composition and Collage”.  Contact: or (239) 395-0900.
  • March 27-31, Hudson River Valley Art Workshops (HRVAW), Greenville, NY, “Chaos to Order: Watermedia Workshop”.  Contact:  Kim LaPolla, Art Workshops Director at
  • April 4-7, Colorado Watercolor Society, CO., “Chaos to Order:  Watermedia Workshop”.  Contact Sandy Day Selbert, Director of Workshops at: or (303) 324-8887.
  • July 25-27,  Alma Community Art Center, Alma, MI., “Color, Composition and Collage”.  Contact Kathy at:
  • August 22,23,24, Marquette Art and Culture Center, Marquette, MI., “Concertina in Collage”.  Contact Michele Tuccini at: .  Class fee is $295, mail a Deposit of $100 to Michele at 134 Ridgewood Marquette, MI 49855.
  • October 23-26, Tubac School of Fine Art, Tubac, AZ., “Chaos to Order: Watermedia Workshop”.  Contact the school at: or (520) 398-2589.
  • November 6,7 & 8,  Watercolor Society of North Carolina (WSNC), Raleigh, NC., “Chaos to Order:  Watermedia Workshop”.  Contact:  John Schwartz at or (919) 384-9044.

Workshop Offerings for 2024

  • February 5-8, Missouri Watercolor Society (MOWS), judge and instructor, “Chaos to Order: Experimental Watermedia”.  Contact Dave at:
  • February 27-29, Big Arts, Sanibel Island, Fl, “Color, Composition and Collage”.  Contact Aimee at: or (239) 395-0900.
  • March 25-29, Watermedia Workshops at Montreat, North Carolina, “Chaos to Order: Experimental Watermedia”.   Contact Meghann at:
  • May 7-10, Franciscan Center, Lowell, MI, “Color, Composition and Collage-Painting”.  Contact Kathy at: or (616) 897-7842 Ext. 352
  • September 12-15, Kanata Art Club, Ontario, Canada, “Chaos to Order: Experimental Watermedia”.  Contact Kie at:
  • October 7-10, Watercolor Art society (WAS-H), Houston, TX, “Chaos to Order: Experimental Watermedia”.  Contact Donna Van Fleet at: or (713) 942-9966.
  • October 11-14, Sangamon Watercolor Society, Springfield, IL, “Chaos to Order: Experimental Watermedia”.  Contact Carolyn Owen Sommer at:

Workshop Offerings for 2025

  • May 13-15, Tallahassee, FL, Tri-State judge and instructor “Color, Composition and Collage-Painting”.  Contact Mary at:
  • August 11-14, San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS International), CA, judge and instructor “Chaos to Order: Experimental Watermedia”.  Contact Stephanie Van de Wetering at:
  • October 20-24, Lubbock Art Association, West Texas Watercolor Society (WTWS), Lubbock, TX, “Chaos to Order: Watermedia Workshop. Contact: Roxy Hardegree at:  and (806) 781-3990 or Charmaine Harris at: or (972) 754-4779.