Kathleen Conover Workshops
Regional, National and International

Chaos To Order: This is my signature 

workshop!  4 – 5 Days


Starting a painting with color, texture, gestural marks and layers may seem like “chaos”, but it delivers vital energy that is both fun and intuitive. Great design and composition are the elements that bring “order” to the rich start and turn your painting into an attention-getting and expressive finish. Applying strong design and compositional skills are the focus. Beginner or advanced, you are encouraged to discover and explore your unique expression and personal imagery in realism, abstraction or non-objective. Download a copy of Kathleen’s Chaos to Order Materials List.

En Plein Air: Fastest growing art genre!

3 – 10 Days


Capture the moment! The sights, sounds and atmosphere of locale are a memory to cherish. Photographing and sketching, or developing a full painting in nature and on location, makes this workshop experience timeless. You will benefit from my expertise, insights and techniques for the best of working “En Plein Air”.   Download a copy of Kathleen’s Plein Air Materials List .

Collage and Color: Fun for all! 3 – 5 Days


Strengthen your artist’s eye for color and composition through the creative exploration of mixed media collage. Work “hands on” with experimental techniques and processes to make your own collage papers. Create your unique expression using personal imagery, collage materials, acrylic mediums, design principles, stamp making, printing and special editing techniques.  Download a copy of the Collage Materials List.

Workshop Offerings for 2020

  • (Cancelled) April 19-23, Kanuga Watermedia Workshops, “Painting Mentoring with Kathleen Conover”, Hendersonville, N.C.  Contact Chris Hutchison at: and (615) 202-0281.
  • (Canceled/Rescheduled to April 25-29, 2022)  Gibson County (GCVAA), Trenton, TN, “Chaos to Order: Watermedia”.  Contact Tuva Stevens at: and (731) 352-5852.
  • (Canceled/Rescheduled to April 21-24, 2021) Franciscan Center, Lowell, MI, “Chaos to Order: Watermedia”.  Contact Kathy at:
  •  July 27-31 Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA), Kenosha, WI, “Capturing the Spirit of Watercolor: Experimental WC”.  Contact Vickie Kwasny at: and (262) 484-1261.
  • (Cancelled) August 10-14, Art in the Mountains, OR, “Chaos to Order:  Watermedia”.  Contact Tracy Culbertson at :
  • Sept. 22-25, “Watercolor Explorations”, Marquette, MI.  Contact Michele Tuccini at: and (906) 249-9188.
  • October 19-23, Landgrove Inn Workshops, “Watercolor Explorations”, Landgrove, VT.  Contact Thomas Checchia at: and (802) 824-6673 or
  • Nov 10-14, Minnesota Watercolor Society, “Chaos to Order: Watermedia”, Burnsville, MN.  Contact Tara Sweeney at:

Workshop Offerings for 2021

  • April 21-24, Franciscan Center, Lowell, MI. “Chaos to Order: Watermedia”.  Contact Kathy at:
  • June 14-18,  The Studio School Workshop, “Chaos to Order: Watermedia Workshop”,  Roanoke, VA.  Contact Jane Frank at: and (540) 580-6866.
  • August 30-Sept. 3, Madeline Island School of Art, “Chaos to Order:  Watermedia”, Madeline Island, WI.  Contact Meghan Dennison at: or (715) 747-2054.
  • Sept. 14-17, Home town workshop, “Watermedia Explorations”, Marquette, MI.  Contact Michele Tuccini at: and (906) 249-9188.
  • Sept. 27-Oct. 1, Cheap Joe’s Watermedia Workshop, “Chaos to Order: Watermedia”,  Boone, NC.   Contact:  Edwina: and (800) 227-2788.
  • October 11-15, West Texas Watercolor Society (WTWS), “Chaos to Order: Watermedia”, Lubbock, TX.  Contact Karla Bennett at: or (806) 781-1954 or     * There will be a free Demonstration on Sunday October 10 at 2:30 at the Legacy Event Center, 1500 14th St., Lubbock, TX.

Workshop Offerings for 2022

  • March 7-10, Southwestern Watercolor Society (SWS), Dallas, TX, “Chaos to Order: Watermedia”.  Contact Tom Brown at: or
  • April 25-29, Gibson County Visual Arts Association (GCVAA), Trenton, TN, “Chaos to Order:  Watermedia”.  Contact Tuva Stevens at: or (731) 352-5852.