Flora and Fauna

Nature and it’s complexities has always been a passion of Kathleen’s.  The expressive results are most often seen in paintings of flowers, horses and birds.  In Kathleen’s words; “My images are always symbolic of human experiences, specifically my own personal inspirations, joys, interests and concerns  in life.”  


The flowers often include a life cycle of buds and full blooms as well as fallen petals, dead flowers and seed pods, representing man’s own cycles of life/death/life.


The Horses also carry a message beyond the beauty of the animal to the perseverance in the journey as it takes them and us to a “gentle place of acceptance”.


Birds have always been significant in Kathleen’s work.  A repeated image in her most recent work is the Raven, representing us in our challenging times of change.  The raven is a creature of high intelligence, creativity, strong family ties, complex communication and, like us, possesses great survival intelligence.

Kathleen Conover flora watercolor painting of bright red poppies.
Poppy Pandemonium
Keeping Peace
Collecting Calla
Color of Summer
Summer Jubilee
Calla Quartet
Journey Horse
Dream Runner
Garden Gala
Walkin’ the Line