heStill basking in the beautiful memories of the Iceland workshop, I have a few painting “tips” to share from my Plein Air painting there. (Actually, this just allows me to enjoy looking back on painting at the most gorgeous sites ever!). These are pretty basic tricks and I hope each of you find one you can use. Enjoy! Kathleen

This is my notebook sketch from White Sand Beach, Snaefellsness Peninsula.     Back at our cottage, the artists asked me to demonstrate

the crashing waves we saw that day so I focused in on the power and splash of the waves over the dark rocks and it became “White Sand Waves”!

You can purchase “White Sand Waves” here on the website in the Landscape Category. The size is 11″ x 15″ and sells for $375.


Tip 1: Use white chalk to chart the path of water cascading over the dark rocks before painting! Chalk is great for all sorts of “editing” when planning or finishing paintings because it totally wipes away!

Tip 2: Using tape on my watercolor paper not only holds the paper down to the board (great when it’s windy), but it also leaves a clean, finished border when the painting is done!

Another Plein Air painting came from Djupallonssandur, Snaefellsness Peninsula, it was incredibly inspirational with its dark “lava tubes” and black sand beach against the bright blue, sunny skies. From this study in my sketchbook, I painted a close-up of one lava tube and the rookery that filled the cliffs.   The painting is called “Black Pearl Beach”, size 11″ x 15″ and

sells for $375.  It is available on this website in the Landscape Category.

More Tips next month! Kathleen


Hello my dear Friends and Artists,

We are in mid July and it has been pretty darn busy moving out of the gallery,  getting resettled and painting!  Many thanks to all of you who are taking advantage of the 25% off all of my artwork in the gallery and online.

Marquette recently held their annual Plein Aire Art Festival and these two pieces were painted there.  You can find them for purchase online at   Both will be in the Landscape Series.   Thank you for your many notes remembering the years that you visited the gallery and the years we painted together.While I won’t be at the gallery after September 1,  you can always write to me via the website.  You will always be able to make purchases there.  Now I am excited to have time to paint and travel to many locations across the country teaching my workshops.

My Studio is still looking very pretty and Michelle (new owner) has my work on display as you can see in the picture above.  Please stay in touch and click here to make a purchase of your own   Thank you!  Kathleen




Hello from the land of the midnight sun. The sun really “sets” when it goes behind the big glacier (Snaefellsjokul) at midnight and “rises” at 2:00 a.m. when it emerges from behind the big glacier! It is gorgeous here, and the artists in class are perfect adventurers in traveling as well as painting. Love it! And loving that we paint, paint, paint every day. The images that you see are from my painting/sketchbook (based on the real images) done on location in exotic-sounding places like Londranger and Djupalonssandur, all on the remote Snaefellsness Peninsula.

Be grateful, paint daily and smile. This is one big beautiful globe we reside on. Creatively Yours, Kathleen

If you are anywhere near San Diego in the month of May, plan on visiting the San Diego Watercolor Society Gallery and seeing, first hand, an exhibition of incredible Watermedia paintings from nine states!  It is this year’s annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies juried competition.  I was honored to be asked to judge this year’s show  comprised of almost 1000 entries!  The paintings were so strong it made it a very difficult to judge and to eliminate one in ten!  Equally hard was choosing the awards for those paintings, because, of course, I loved every painting I chose.  The show will run from May 1 –  30 and I guarantee you will enjoy the versatility, skill, expressiveness and creativity of these paintings and their creators.

Along with teaching my Watermedia class, “Chaos to Order”, I began the program with a demonstration.  Using an old watercolor painting and applying my “Gesso Juice”.  Keeping Peace” (featured above)  is the finished piece from that demonstration.  It is 15″ x 22″ and is available for sale at  $450.

Be well, paint often, be happy!  Kathleen

I have been making and using this product for years.   Now, I’m very excited that Cheap Joes is using my formula and making it available to you through his Cheap Joe’s Catalog.  Here is a picture of the page where it is found.   Just google Cheap Joe’s  Art Stuff and you will find it for purchase.  Give it a try!

January is starting out with a bang!  And, I’m still basking in the memories made while traveling in Iceland last month.  In fact, ideas have come together for a workshop there June 9-14.  Check out more information under “Workshops” on this website.

In the meantime, I am thrilled and honored to report that I have been accepted into the American Watercolor Society (AWS) 152nd International Exhibition.  It will be held at the Salmagundi Club, NY,NY.    The painting above, “Divided:  Industrial Evolution”, is my accepted mixed water media painting.   I will be at the dinner reception on April 12th.  Will I see any of you there?  In this new year I wish you all well and, to all my fellow artists, Happy Painting!   Kathleen

Travels are always mind-expanding but this month’s trip to Iceland was also incredibly inspiring!  My favorite day was the glacier walk to the ice caves!  Look at those gorgeous organic forms and subtle colors of nature!  I can hardly wait to get to the painting table.

But first, friends and family are to be enjoyed during the holidays.  Sending you ALL wishes for wonderful memory-making-moments with loved ones!   Kathleen

 Blackbirds, Paper Peace Cranes and Telephone Poles….three of my favorite subjects.

Below is my photo reference

        And a few steps in my latest, almost finished painting.  A bit of a deviation from my “Industrial Evolution” series.  Kathleen


                               A Beginning                                                                        Intermediate                                                                            And  Finished


What a great group of artists in the Virginia Watercolor Society!  Their annual exhibition is at the beautiful Roanoke College Museum and I’m honored to be their judge and workshop instructor.  We come together as strangers and a week later are friends for life…through ART!  Kathleen

I love painting poppies, but no matter what the subject here’s a trick for designing a good composition:  once your background is ready,

try “auditioning” cut outs of colored paper to decide the shapes, values and colors that will be best to paint.  Take a photo of the placement.

Remove the paper pieces and proceed to paint your subject.

At the very end of my paintings I often use this technique to make final, small but try important, decisions like

where a bright, saturated color needs to be, where my darkest darks belong or maybe where a few distant birds will fly.  Enjoy!