Travels are always mind-expanding but this month’s trip to Iceland was also incredibly inspiring!  My favorite day was the glacier walk to the ice caves!  Look at those gorgeous organic forms and subtle colors of nature!  I can hardly wait to get to the painting table.

But first, friends and family are to be enjoyed during the holidays.  Sending you ALL wishes for wonderful memory-making-moments with loved ones!   Kathleen

 Blackbirds, Paper Peace Cranes and Telephone Poles….three of my favorite subjects.

Below is my photo reference

        And a few steps in my latest, almost finished painting.  A bit of a deviation from my “Industrial Evolution” series.  Kathleen


                               A Beginning                                                                        Intermediate                                                                            And  Finished


What a great group of artists in the Virginia Watercolor Society!  Their annual exhibition is at the beautiful Roanoke College Museum and I’m honored to be their judge and workshop instructor.  We come together as strangers and a week later are friends for life…through ART!  Kathleen

I love painting poppies, but no matter what the subject here’s a trick for designing a good composition:  once your background is ready,

try “auditioning” cut outs of colored paper to decide the shapes, values and colors that will be best to paint.  Take a photo of the placement.

Remove the paper pieces and proceed to paint your subject.

At the very end of my paintings I often use this technique to make final, small but try important, decisions like

where a bright, saturated color needs to be, where my darkest darks belong or maybe where a few distant birds will fly.  Enjoy!


    This last month has seen “remarkable” activity:  the STUDIO Gallery has been buzzing with visitors from all over the country;

I have taught workshops with wonderful artists and friends, plus there have been competitions and a few appreciated awards!

Here I am, at my happiest, painting!!   Caught mid-splash-and-splatter, at our first nationally advertised Marquette Plein Air Festivaland Competition!  Lucky me, I came home with the Second Place Award for “Morning”, an old tug docked across the street from my STUDIO Gallery!

There’s nothing like getting a push from 20 artists to get a painting completed!  The Baltimore Watercolor Society is one terrific group

of artists and I had a great time teaching last week in Columbia, Maryland.  They saw the beginning demo of  Star and Stripes and wanted

to see it finished.  So, here it is a 22 x 30 painting made from Watercolor and Gesso Juice.  It was a fun week and new friendships were made.

I was this year’s invited artist to the Mississippi Colony for “creative coaching”.  Over 40 excellent artists were working in their own direction and I was available for artistic consultation.   The Mississippi Art Colony, who meet twice a year to paint, is the oldest (70 years) continuously meeting art group in the U.S.

They have perfected their painting and their fun to blue-ribbon excellence! (Yes, I’m in the picture.  Thank Frida Kalo for this Fiesta Friday.)  With so many artists,  I had my hands full consulting with everyone.  It sure wasn’t hard, as they are all very accomplished professionals.

Dance of the Winterbird just won “Best of Show” in this year’s International Society of Experimental

Artist’s (ISEA) online exhibition judged by Ruffus Snoddy.  Thank you ISEA!  I am thrilled.


The “experimental” element in his painting is the frozen crystals start; a technique I’ve played with for

decades.   In this case, the water was thrown on the paper and the pigment poured into the water and left outside to

freeze firmly, then brought inside to finish.   You can try a small version in your home freezer.   Have fun!


I am pleased to let you know that “Urban Balance”  was accepted into this year’s “Transparent Watercolor Society of America” (TWSA)

Exhibition, judged by John Salminen and Soon Y Warren.  The exhibit runs from May 5 – August 5 at the Kenosha Public Museum,

Kenosha, WI.  It’s been a while since I’ve played at totally non-objective painting.  And, it was work! but the results are worth it.

I think I will play with this some more.  Happy painting to the rest of you also!  Kathleen