Tribute and Making Memories

Tribute and Making Memories

The first time I saw the collage work of Carrie Burns Brown I was fascinated by the richness of color, depth of texture, and fresh, exciting compositions.  It was so very entertaining!  Carrie passed away in April but will always be one of my creative heroes.  Not only an excellent artist, such a “fun, fun” person to be with, but she was a stellar teacher.  I was inspired and taught by the best.  I carry the baton forward every time I get the opportunity to teach collage, by sharing the Carrie Burns-Brown paper-painting and embellishing start to each class.  Thank you, dear Carrie.

Also in April, the paint was flying while 10 artists painted roadside poles in the small, Florida community of Matlacha.  This is one of several communities devastated by Hurricane Ian and some colorful “frills” along side the continued clean up and infrastructure-construction was a fun community project.

Painting colorful floral and wild birds on poles around the streets of Pine Island Florida.



Back in Michigan now, my dear friend and web manager for decades, Carol Fitzgerald, and I had the rare opportunity to spend some FUN time together.  Here’s a blast of color from a perfect day at the Holland, Michigan Tulip Festival.  Happy spring to all!!  Kathleen

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