The Season for Counting our Blessings

The Season for Counting our Blessings

Counting my blessings is hard to do in the midst of loss.  My Star mentor, gallery business partner and dear friend, Maggie Linn, artist extraordinaire died December 10.  Visiting with Maggie a week before was heart breaking.  It was hard to understand her words between sobs.  She was trying to say “I have to say Goodbye to the Earth”.

Always nature inspired and nurtured, she was one with the earth.  Maggie’s gorgeous paintings celebrated our earth in its most natural and beautiful colors, seasons and moods.  It’s almost impossible to say goodbye to this amazing and significant person, but at 94 years of age I have to “let her go” and remember the incredible blessing she was in my life, other artists’ lives and to our art world.

Wishing you all many Blessings this special season, Kathleen

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