The Joy of Painting!

The Joy of Painting!


The last week of June is Marquette’s (Michigan) Art Week with music, poetry, dance, children’s activities and, of course, visual arts.  Included are exhibitions, open studios and marvelous galleries.  On the last day is the Fresh Coast Plein Air Festival competition and reception.  Artists come into Marquette to paint on location any where they choose.  I chose this very happy decorated public walkway that wanders down to Lake Superior.

Kathleen Conover painting at Plein Air event in Marquette, MI

These lanterns are wonderful, almost “magical”.  Painting underneath them as they swayed in the breeze, sun dappled from light behind tree leaves, I could smell the freshness of our clean Lake Superior, and this painting almost “painted itself”.

This is the pure Joy of Painting!       At the end of the day I was thrilled that my painting, “Color of Summer” had won First Prize and sold immediately!  The Marquette Tourism Planners have asked  to use it on next year’s publications so we just might see it again!


With many photos taken, I am currently working on another painting from that day…keeping the “Magic Alive”.

Joyfully submitted, Kathleen








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