Thank yous and Good News!

Thank yous and Good News!

Thank you to many of you for the very positive responses and sales from the latest newsletter!

The biggest Thank You goes to my web manager, Carol Fitzgerald, who does a fabulous job keeping my whole website updated and keeping the lovely newsletters coming and keeping me on task (not easy).  I think we’re going on 35 years now, from the beginning when she took classes to learn the complicated HTML language.  She’s amazing and I really could not do it all without her! (she is having a hard time writing this and feeling very puffed up … is it really 35 years!)

This month’s painting image is Contemplating Flight, a 22″ x 30″ watercolor.  This is a very recent painting which was accepted in the International Watercolor Exhibition (IWE) by the Watercolor Art Society of Houston (WASJ-H), TX, and won the lovely ET Kraycirik Memorial Award.  Then it sold before the exhibit even opened…doubly lovely!

The magazine publication business is interesting.  Golden Peak Media (GPM) is the publisher of Watercolor Artist, Artist Magazine, Acrylic Artist,, and much more.  When I agree to write an article I also sign many release forms to give them full rights to publish all or parts of my article.  To my pleasant surprise, I’ll find the same article pop up in the different magazines over the years.  The latest, Deeper Meaning, is in the Winter 2024 Watercolor Artist magazine (pgs. 60-63).  Such an unexpected bonus!  Here is one of them.

Enjoy! Kathleen




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