Spring Brings New Art Events

Spring Brings New Art Events

I’m sure glad I have my art!  And hope everyone has a healing, creative outlet to turn to when current news is too heavy.  It’s been a crazier-than-usual world out there since my March Blog, but I’ve had some lovely art events to distract me.

On April 1 the BIG ARTS Museum on Sanibel Island in Florida held a lovely reception for my artwork and the work of two other artists, Cheryl Fausel and Shah Hadjebi.  I was thrilled to sell one of my large works from the “Industrial Evolution” Series and 9 of 12 small (10″ x 10″) abstract paintings.  The exhibit is there until April 23.


And then some fun Plein Air painting!  Artist and friend, Michelle and I, took paints and kayaks to the canal by the Matlacha galleries.  Colorful flags in front of us, perfect water reflections beneath us and wild mangroves in back of us made for a perfect experience.  My small painting will always bring back the visceral sights, sounds and inspiration of that day.  I love that about painting on location.  The vivid memory is captured forever.

Sharing wishes and prayers for peace with you all,  my friends.    Kathleen


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