September 2022 “Experimental Watercolor Class”

September 2022 “Experimental Watercolor Class”


This is day one of my September  “hometown” workshop.  It is a new “kind of class” for me to teach and not a better group of artists to join me than my friends here in Marquette.  I believe through experimentation we become better artists:  we push boundaries, see the unexpected, make more courageous designs and learn to trust our own intuitive sense of aesthetics.    It’s a class I’ve wanted to teach for a long time.

Look closely at the “silly brushes” we made first thing, for use in making unique marks.  On tissue at first, then we’ll collage them onto watercolor paper, with or without color, and develop our paintings from there.

For an inspiring video on making these brushes watch the originator in her home in Australia “Brush maker from Vanessa Milton”.


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