Painting TIPS I

Painting TIPS I

heStill basking in the beautiful memories of the Iceland workshop, I have a few painting “tips” to share from my Plein Air painting there. (Actually, this just allows me to enjoy looking back on painting at the most gorgeous sites ever!). These are pretty basic tricks and I hope each of you find one you can use. Enjoy! Kathleen

This is my notebook sketch from White Sand Beach, Snaefellsness Peninsula.     Back at our cottage, the artists asked me to demonstrate

the crashing waves we saw that day so I focused in on the power and splash of the waves over the dark rocks and it became “White Sand Waves”!

You can purchase “White Sand Waves” here on the website in the Landscape Category. The size is 11″ x 15″ and sells for $375.


Tip 1: Use white chalk to chart the path of water cascading over the dark rocks before painting! Chalk is great for all sorts of “editing” when planning or finishing paintings because it totally wipes away!

Tip 2: Using tape on my watercolor paper not only holds the paper down to the board (great when it’s windy), but it also leaves a clean, finished border when the painting is done!

Another Plein Air painting came from Djupallonssandur, Snaefellsness Peninsula, it was incredibly inspirational with its dark “lava tubes” and black sand beach against the bright blue, sunny skies. From this study in my sketchbook, I painted a close-up of one lava tube and the rookery that filled the cliffs.   The painting is called “Black Pearl Beach”, size 11″ x 15″ and

sells for $375.  It is available on this website in the Landscape Category.

More Tips next month! Kathleen

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