“Outdoor” Studio Painting

“Outdoor” Studio Painting

April Greetings!    I’m still in voluntary quarantine and still painting in my studio, but I’ve also moved to the “outdoors” many days.  There is always plenty of Plein Air painting to do.  But, even better, is the luxury of unlimited space.  I found my gallons of acrylic leftover and “oops” paints that I purchased (those are the paints sold for less because of mixing mistakes by Lowes, Home Depot and others).  With materials and space and time, I can make big messes and have lots of fun!  On this day I started by covering over old paintings , then did new “pours” and moved on to “decorating” clothes.


I hope you are all social distancing from people but getting close-and-personal with your paints (and other art supplies).  I encourage (and give you permission) to go to your studio and PLAY!  You are given the gift of time right now.  Keep well, keep creative and keep smiling my friends.


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