More Painting Tips !

More Painting Tips !

Djupalonssandur Snaefellsness Peninsula was incredibly inspirational with its dark “lava tubes” and blacksand beach against the bright blue sunny skies.  From this study in my sketchbook, I painted a close-up of one lava tube and the rookery that filled the cliffs.

Tip 3:  A credit card makes a great paint spreader and scraper.  It helps make more realistic rocks and, on edge, straight lines.  Practice with it and see how much can be done with this single portable tool.

Tip 4:  A razor blade scraped against the surface of the paper can bring the “sparkle” back into dull water or too-solid paint passages.  Scrape it against a ruler for a straight distant horizon line.

“Black Pearl Beach” is for sale on this website under  Travel and Landscapes.  It is 11″ x 15″ and sells for $375

You can purchase it right on line.

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