March (ing) into Spring!

March (ing) into Spring!

The month of March holds all the promise of Spring (officially, at least, even though so many are still battling the effects of winter).  I found, and bring to you, a little bit of Spring from Charleston, where I was painting with art friends last week.  I had a chance to practice my En Plein Air technique on the prevalent live-oak trees and blooming azaleas. It was the perfect week!

Under the Live-Oak trees



Back in the studio, I’m wrapping up my accepted painting, “Locomotion”, to go to the Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibition.  I send it off with a kiss…always hopeful of getting a “nod” from such a respected judge/artist as John Salminen.


I’m most thrilled to learn I’ve earned the National Watercolor Society (NWS) Master Artist (MA) Status because I’ve been accepted in 6 of their international competitions over many years of competing!  MA are a couple more initials to add to my “alphabet soup” that while silly to some, still mean a great deal to me.  I see those letters as my credentials, my higher degree and steps in my life-long career as an artist.  Paint on, my friends!!

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