It’s so good to be home!

It’s so good to be home!

Kathleen Conover and Lake Superior Beach

Kathleen Conover back home in Marquette

I can’t express how wonderful it is to be back home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Maybe the best way is to share this photo beside beautiful Lake Superior with it’s crystal clear water (and chilly!) and beautiful sandy beach.   The weather has been warm and welcoming to this artist so I can get outside and do some “Plein Air Painting” , the popular term for painting outside on location.   As a solitary activity, it has the bonus of being social distanced.   Although painted many, many times, I’m still drawn to Marquette’s iconic “lighthouse” and the old Coast Guard Station with its rocky coastline.  I’ll share a few of the results in the next “Hot off the Easel” Newsletter.

It’s interesting, in reflection, how we often don’t recognize the importance of certain things we have in our lives.  But, take them away, and we realize how much we miss them.  Please be safe, stay healthy and live in gratitude, my friends.  (Elbow) hugs, Kathleen

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