Fun with my Gesso Juice!

Fun with my Gesso Juice!

Kathleen Conover's new Industrial Evolution Series painting using Gesso Juice

Hello my Friends-in-Art,

 I’ve been having fun with  “Gesso Juice” in my new home studio.  The painting above, “Changing Demographics” from my Industrial Evolution Series, is a good example of Gesso Juice used to create the texture as paper preparation as well as bringing in whites for finishing.  While teaching at Cheap Joe’s this fall their videographer, Jim, did a great You Tube video.  You can    watch it here:

“Kathleen Conovers’s Essential Gesso Juice Kit” can be ordered directly from Cheap Joe’s Catalog.  It includes instructions, Gesso, Matte Medium, squirt bottle and scrapers.  Once Mixed, it lasts for years!  Click to purchase your own Kit:\  

Once you’ve had some fun experimenting, let me hear from you and see what you’ve done!  Happy Painting.


PS:  “Changing Demographics” has just returned from the San Diego Watercolor Society’s 2019 International Juried Exhibition and is for sale on this website.


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