Enjoy Artwork on “Virtual Tours”

Enjoy Artwork on “Virtual Tours”

Imaginative imagery.

Summer’s long days of sunshine are waning but I’m happy to share with you another source of brightness  …. the ability to take virtual tours of art exhibitions, thanks to the work of organizers and curators.  How nice to see the finest in contemporary paintings from your favorite comfy chair!  My blog post in August has a link to the TWSA National Exhibition of which I was a part.  Just scroll down to see and visit the beautiful artwork at the Kenosha Public Museum.

Most recently I was notified of getting an award at the 47th Annual Rocky Mountain National Watermedia (RMNW) Exhibition for my painting “Searching”.  It is held at the Center for the Arts Evergreen (Colorado) and runs through October 24.  Click here to view.

The imagery of “Searching” holds personal meaning for me which includes: the Blackbird as messenger, the Origami Crane is a prayer for peace, the Dragonfly represents our fragility, and the Horse is a universal symbol for our journey.   When “Searching” returns home from the exhibition, I will post it “for sale” on this website.

Stay safe and enjoy the beauty of fall.  Kathleen

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