December Greetings!

December Greetings!

I’m sending my wishes to each of you for a bright and beautiful end of year celebrations and a healthy, happy new year!   I’m hoping for the same plus I’m feeling very long on gratitude this season after Hurricane Ian.

Although our losses were significant, my studio being demolished was the worst for me.  But so many families lost everything.  I can assure you the “Christmas/Good Samaritan” spirit is very much alive and well.  Neighbors helped neighbors, capable people helped the less able and volunteers were there to completely take care of those in need.  Free meals were provided by World Central Kitchen (great place for making donations).    Water, tarps, laundry and shower facilities and materials for building were provided by FEMA.  So much more than I can mention was freely given and lovingly provided.  My heart is full!

Now back home to my solid base in Michigan, I will enjoy the holidays with my family.  May your heart and new year be filled with the Spirit of this Special Season.  Kathleen

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