Daily Discipline: The Sketchbook

Daily Discipline: The Sketchbook

We can love Art, have a true passion for painting, feel our Muse stirring….and still not quite get in the studio to put the brush to the paper.  What’s that about?!  For one thing, it’s summer, and we want to enjoy it.  With isolation lifting a bit I get to see some family and dear friends (like Carol, who also is my web manager).  Then there is my garden and flowers and a few workshops.  It all nourishes my soul and everyone needs that.

But, nothing gets accomplished if we don’t keep at it!  The discipline of committing to daily Art is very important.  For me, my latest joy is just hanging out with my watercolor sketchbook (140# watercolor paper).  I outline an 8×8” square and do something.  Anything!  I can capture an idea, paint my favorite poppy that just bloomed, do a fine drawing or explore new techniques and materials.  Find your joy!  Kathleen

(I’m not a slave to painting but I sure do something for my art-growth everyday:  reading, visiting an exhibition, watching a video, or photograph new ideas with new perspectives.)

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