Chaos to Order

Chaos to Order

Chaos to Order!  This is the beginning, the Chaos, of preparation for my exhibition of thirty paintings heading for the Custom House Museum, Clarksville, TN.  The Chaos of Framing: measuring, measuring twice, cutting, ordering, putting it all together.  What’s missing? Order again….keep my eye on the prize!  The prize is the Order achieved when all is framed, inventoried, packed, delivered and hung in the beautiful space.  The bigger prize is when the audience views, enjoys and the communication of art is complete.  Beginning preparation now and opening in TN in March.  Dates to be announced – stay tuned!

  • SMM
    Posted at 14:45h, 18 January

    Great new website!

  • superior
    Posted at 04:24h, 22 January

    Thank you! Your comments were most welcome!