Back in the Classroom Again!

Back in the Classroom Again!

The Gallery Walk

Along with enjoying this beautiful summer, I felt very honored and excited to teach my first workshop since the beginning of COVID restraints.

The Transparent  Watercolor Society (TWSA) located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this year asked me to judge their annual competition,  to give a gallery walk, and  to teach a workshop!   This exciting competition was held at the wonderful Kenosha Public Museum.   TWSA and the Museum were very thorough with safety precautions and I felt confident we would all be safe (and we all are).   TWSA is a highly competitive, prestigious and national exhibition.

If you would like to see this beautiful artwork go to:  and click on “View Virtual Gallery” to enjoy the entire 2020 TWSA exhibition.  I also invite you to take a walk with me as I explain the criteria used for designating the TWSA awards.  Just click on “Gallery walk with Kathleen Conover”.

Please stay safe, be well and live gratefully.  Kathleen

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